Getting your photos printed is very important to me.  They are memories meant to be hung on your wall or displayed in a photobook, not just to be on a disc in a drawer.  I know this is a digital world so I will be offering prints along with digitals.  I want you to know that you are getting quality prints from a professional printing lab to hang on your walls.


You can view my full pricing within my Client Welcome Guide HERE



COMING SOON: Leather Albums


Print QUALITY is another important factor.  Professional labs print on special photo paper that will last years & years, without fading.  They also print with color accuracy, unlike photo labs like walmart/walgreens/shutterfly/etc.  My monitor is calibrated to a few specific labs and prints from anywhere else are not guaranteed.


Here are just two examples that show side by side comparisons of PROFESSIONAL labs vs 1-hour-type Labs

Click here for EXAMPLE 1   and here for EXAMPLE 2


Why invest in a professional photographer just to hang cheaply printed photos on your wall that aren't a true representation of what they should look like?  



Here is another comparison of different sizes when you are deciding on your Wall Art :)

white sofa in a orange living-room