Leah M Photography | Newborn Prep

What to expect & How to prepare for your Newborn Session:

* As mentioned, newborns are best photographed between 5-14 days old to get the sleepy, squishy & folded newborn poses you see on my site. {but don't fret if your baby is older than that because all new mom's deserve great newborn photos.  Babies older than 2 weeks aren't as bendable but can still be swaddled and have use of props.  They may just be awake in more of the photos}.   I know that as a new mom the first week home from the hospital is hard, but all I need is for you to "get here".  I'll do the rest.  Come in your sweats, its okay.  If we aren't doing any photos of you with your new baby, then makeup and hair isn't required either.  You can just sit back and relax for the next 2.5-3 hours.  I personally will be dressed comfortably and in "disposable" clothing as I am expecting to be peed or pooped on by baby :)

* Please try not to schedule any doctor appointments or major outing the day of your shoot.  This can overstimulate your little one and cause them to be fussy.

*If you have a little boy and choose to have him circumsized please inform me.  We can schedule your session either before the operation (if it is after you leave the hospital) or a date at least 4-5 days after so it can heal properly.  We want him comfortable and relaxed.

* Please stay away from snug clothing, socks, hats, etc the day of your shoot.  These can cause creases and red marks in the skin. It is best to dress your newborn in a loose fitting sleeper and loosen their diaper tabs a little before the car ride over.

* Newborn sessions can be expected to last 3 hours long.  Babies have their own schedule and can't be forced in to anything.  It takes lots of patience and time for newborn photos.  It may take 15-20 min to feed, calm & soothe baby in to one pose, so please keep that in mind.  This is standard in all newborn photography.

* Babies are most comfortable in a warm environment, therefore the temperature will be much higher than normal, along with another space heater for directional warmth in the shooting area.  Remember, your little one was just in the womb at a comfortable 98* so I will try to have the area in the lower to mid 80s in temperature.   Please dress accordingly or bring a short sleeve shirt/shorts if you tend to get overly hot on a normal basis.

* If you want sibling images and they are of a younger age, it is best to bring dad (or grandma/friend/caregiver/etc) to take the sibling home after their part is over.  If they are older, then having the second caregiver there helps to entertain them while we focus on baby.  This is to provide a stress free environment (for both you and baby) so that we can get the best photos of your sleeping little one.

* Please feel free to bring any special items you want photographed with your baby. I have props, blankets, wraps, etc but always welcome anything that you would like your baby to be photographed with. 

* Babies eat often, so plan on feeding baby several times during the shoot.  A full baby is a happy baby.  It is also common for babies to eat more often during their shoot than they would at home.  This is due to a different environment, being posed and moved around.   It is best to try to hold off your baby and feed him/her as soon as you arrive so that we start with a content and sleepy little one. If your commute is a short one (under 30min) then feeding right before you leave is perfect. That car ride over will put baby in a deep sleep. 

* Don't forget the binky :) Even if he/she doesn't normally take one it seems to help during the shoot to have a soother.  The 3 hrs in studio shouldn't affect baby's feeding whether it be bottle or breastfeeding and should you forget I do have packaged ones available for use if you choose.

*If your commute is short, it is best to try to keep baby awake close to an hour before his/her shoot.  That stimulation, feeding then the drive over should put baby in a deep sleep and he/she should stay in that sleep.   

* If we do naked baby shots with either parent, you may want to bring a change of clothing just in case someone gets peed (or pooped) on.  It is normal for baby to potty so don't worry if he/she soils any blankets/props because they are washable.

* Dad: if you have a solid black short sleeve shirt please bring it.  If not, any solid color shirt is fine.

* Mom, if you wish to have special photos with your little one please try to bring neutral colored clothing (same goes for dad).  Tank tops work well too as your little one will love skin-on-skin contact.  I always shoot at a flattering angle for mom so don't worry about that.  I will ask you before the shoot if parent shots are a request of yours.  If you both prefer